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The strategic phase with our clients includes the creative development of your employer brand, establishing your employee value proposition (EVP), segmentation of messaging, and planning campaign touchpoints.

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With a plan in place, we execute internal and externally-focused projects. All the tools — video, mobile, digital, advertising, and more — are available through TransparentC’s greater network of talented professionals.

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All of our work is outcome-focused. You have recruitment and retention targets; we have the strategy to nail those targets. Everything is measured.

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Internal Communication: Safety

The demographic of the workforce is changing and trends are forcing us to change how we communicate safety messaging. Our approach uses visuals to increase comprehension, cutting down language to reduce information fatigue, and finding opportunities to reinforce messaging and boost information recall. Find out more…

Employee Value Proposition

Ah yes. The “what’s-in-it-for-me” is critical in industries where paying well is just table stakes. Your EVP is your promise to the talent market and it should be unique to your organization. Find out more…

Channel Feature: Digital Screens

Perfect for tying together multiple locations and supporting internal communication, digital screens installed in high-traffic employee areas display dynamic information that employees can interact with. Find out more…