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Shift Along With the Pendulum

We’re obsessed with best-selling author Michael Drew’s talk on the “Pendulum” effect on society. He recounts how society goes through 40-year stints of two cycles; a community cycle and an individualistic cycle. We’re eight years into the community cycle (called the Civic Cycle). It’s not a coincidence that social media are gaining momentum today.

As companies grow and evolve, the Pendulum effect helps explain why they need to change their approach to marketing and employee engagement. The best-selling book Cluetrain Manifesto, gives us a pretty sobering look on what this means in today’s workplace. We’re on board with doing away with happy talk and facile corporate words.

Why else is Transparent-C drawn to this idea? It probably explains why our team is building this company in the first place. Our little team (along with a sizable network!) wants to see more community in today’s workplace. Sharing ideas promotes innovation and innovation gives employees something to rally around and share in the success and failure of. It can differentiate you from your competitors.

The Cluetrain Manifesto and Michael Drew recommend you engage customers and employees in a transparent manner. We live in a day where sugarcoating doesn’t work and anything counterfeit can be exposed with a few taps on the keyboard. Think about that as you engage your employees or customers in any communication.

We highly recommend you check out Michael’s site ( and read the Cluetrain Manifesto free online (


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