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One of our values here at TransparentC is “don’t stop moving.” It’s based on the concept of inertia: an object in motion will stay in motion. We’ve found this same concept applies to our work.

Whenever there’s a goal to achieve, one of the biggest hurdles to overcome is to overcome the initial resistance to start moving in the right direction. Once you’re past this point, it’s so much easier to just keep going. So how do we make sure we’re always in a state of motion? We’ve figured out a couple things that propel us in the right direction. Read more


The subject of culture is a complicated one with various opinions on its definition and development. At TransparentC, it’s our role to help companies express their culture for the purpose of engaging their current employees or attracting new employees.

Lately, we’ve been hearing organizations talk about their “safety culture”. Is expressing a safety culture any different than expressing an all-encompassing corporate culture?

Let’s explore! Read more

I was told by our bank that they are renovating their branch to make way for a new co-work office model. There will be no more offices eventually, and employees will simply sign in to reserve an open office as they need to service their clients. A major telecommunications company here in the city is looking at doing the same thing.

If we had a discussion, I’m sure we would see that half of us will be for co-work space while the other half would be against it. Having co-work spaces seem to make sense given our transition-like culture and how mobile we are. Read more